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The Construction
Keel laying 28 December 1936 of construction No. 252 at Deutsche Werke, Kiel.
Another view of the keel laying 28 December 1936. 22 March 1937, construction of the tranverse and longitural sections for the double bottom.
Photo of the forward part of the ship from 22 March 1937. Bulkheads are being installed.
Installation of bulkheads in the rear part of the hull 23 June 1937.
Another view of installation of bulkheads from 23 June 1937.
Photo showing the construction of the armoured deck 14 September 1937.
21 June 1938, the two aircraft hangar decks, build on top of eachother, can be seen.
21 September 1938, forward view of the construction of the flight deck.
On this photo from 21 September 1938 the construction of the flight deck can be seen. The big opening far right is the middle flight elevator. Behind it are three smaller openings that are used for construction of the turbines and machinery. The big opening further back is the aft flight elevator.
21 September 1938, construction of the hull.
22 November 1938, view of the port bow with the flight deck and the casemates for two of the eight double 15 cm SK C/28 main armament.
On this photo from 25 November 1938 the twin rudders can be seen as well as the four shafts for the propellers.
25 November 1938, starboard view of the aft of the carrier with the overhanging flight deck.
25 November 1938, starboard view of the ship. The ship yard workers are busy with the final details before the launch. The podium, to be used for the launching ceremony, is under construction.
25 November 1938, stem view of the new carrier. The troopship Franken, also under construction, is visible to the left.
26 November 1938, the carrier is almost ready to be launched. The ship's crest has yet to be mounted.
Another view from November 1938. Notice the assembly houses over the flight elevators on the flight deck and the big stabilizer on the hull.
28 November 1938, the big rectangular opening on the flight deck is for the funnel.
View over the fore part of the ship 28 November 1938. The forward aircraft elevator is also visible.
Photo from early December 1938 gives a good impression of the final preparations before the launching ceremony a few days later. Notice the temporary platform mounted at the stem of the ship so the ship yard workers can mount the crest of Graf Zeppelin.

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